The Worldwide System

Michael Anthony Pinder


Author of: The Worldwide System

Published by New Generation in paperback or online.

Featured in The Sunday Times Series: New Ideas for the 21st Century

The measurement, management and government

of Time and Space in the past present and future.

The Worldwide Web can help to spread new ideas in an instant

But old dogmas are holding-up the progress of Our Human Race.

We need to start again at square zero with a clean sheet of paper

And then to update all of Our hardware and software systems.

There are currently some forty different ages, dates and times

In use around the globe and there are three different distances.

We need one system based upon the age, orbit, spin and girth

of Our Planet Earth and the number of digits on Our hands.

The Worldwide System is a simple global-digital-decimal one.

This is not only a new measurement system but also a new

Management system, based upon job-sharing in a ten-day week,

and a new government system, based upon electronic referendums.